Recruitment and Selection Process: a Study on Baglalink Gsm

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, GSM Pages: 28 (6849 words) Published: February 24, 2011
This is the area of information. In the 21st century, business is no longer easy because of intense competition and rapid change in business environment. The major change in today’s business environment is the transformation of industrial economies and societies into knowledge- and information- based service economies. And to cope with this challenging environment all that a business organization needs is Information. In this extensively competitive market condition, every organization needs to handle tons of information on a daily basis and there should be free, fare and accurate information flow both within and outside the organization. Thus the emergence of Information System is justified. To make information flow smooth, an organization must need to use a contemporary Information System, which can satisfy the organization’s demand more efficiently. Information system helps organizations extend their reach to faraway locations, offer new product and/or services reshape jobs and workflows and perhaps profoundly modify the way they conduct business.

The mobile telecommunication sector is the most lucrative and opportunistic sector of the country. To survive in this sector the company has to maintain hard-core relationship with customer. At present, there are six mobile phone operators in the country, and Banglalink is one of them. It has the second highest customer base in GSM mobile technology and taking effective initiatives to acquire more market share by providing best services to its forever-valuable customers. Banglalink must posses a strong and efficient Information System base, as this business is totally dependent on information technology. Everything from intra organizational activities to customer services requires a well-built Information System.

1.2Origin of Report:

The internship report is a basic requirement for the program. The proposed topic is “Recruitment and selection process: A study on Baglalink GSM”. The topic has been assigned to Songita khondokar, ID: 06-91358-3, American International University Bangladesh.

1.3Background of the- Report:

The report titled “Recruitment and selection process: A study on Baglalink GSM” is prepared as a requirement of the three month long internship program at the Banglalink GSM. For this I was placed in the Division situated at Head Office. After consulting with my internship supervisor, I decided to work on Recruitment and selection process of BANGLALINK and how to improve it.


1.4.1 Broad Objective:
The broad objective of the study is to draw an overall view of the Recruitment and selection process under The HR practices in BANGLALINK and the involvement of HR in making different policy for the recruitment their employees.

1.4.2 Specific Objectives:
To review the Recruitment and selection process under the Human Resource policies of Banglalink GSM. To know the different practices of the Human Resources Division of the Organization. Identify the constraints in implementing Recruitment and selection process on BANGLALINK GSM.

1.5Scope of the Report:

This report will cover an organizational overview of the BANGLALINK. It will give a wide view of the organization structure and different aspect of RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS OF BANGLALINK. This study will be based on the available information. The information regarding the report is collected from the personnel of different desks of Human Resource Division of BANGLALINK. The substance presented in this study will not be applicable anywhere outside BANGLALINK and will not be used anywhere except American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB).

1.5.1 Methodology:

Information obtained during collection at BANGLALINK will be used in this study. Information will be collected from the employees of the organization. For the organization, part of information will be collected through different published articles, journals and brochures...
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