Recruitment and Selection Process of Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Executive Summary

The project titled “RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Process” Undertaken in Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center (EHMRC). Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center is a private hospital situated in Lalmatia, Dhanmondi. Md. Sharif Hassan is the chairman of this hospital and hundred percent share of EHMRC is owned by the chairman. It was established with the motto to render service to the mass people of the country. The report is on recruitment and selection process which is an important part of any organization., Recruitment and selection gives an organizational structure of the company. It is a methodology in which the particular organization works and how a new candidate could be recruited in such a way that he/she would be fitted for the right kind of career.

The objective of selection process is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates. Selection process starts with an initial screening interview and concluding with final employment decision.



Human are the most important resources for an organization. This report is prepared based on recruitment and selection process which plays an important role for an organization. It is said if right person is appointed at right place the half work has been done. The basic purpose of recruitment is to ensure a sufficient pool of applicants from which the most qualified individuals may be selected. To make the selection process successful it is essential to ensure that the recruitment creates the pool of qualified employee. On the other hand selection involves choosing a qualified employee from the applicant pool through a selection strategy. In our report we tried to cover all the important points of recruitment and selection process while we were conducting our work with Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center (EHMRC). We tried to find out how EHMRC recruits and selects its employees through talking with the administration officer and finally came to a conclusion what process Eastern Hospital should follow for recruiting and selecting its employees as it doesn’t h follow any formal procedure for recruitment and selection of employees.



To collect information about recruitment and selection procedure followed in Eastern Hospital. •To search what procedure of recruitment and selection should be followed in Eastern Hospital. •To identify methods of recruitment and selection process that fits into the company’s values. •To recommend a formal procedure of recruitment and selection for the Eastern Hospital.  



Research was carried out at Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center (EHMRC) to establish the “Recruitment and selection process”.


Primary Data:

Primary data was collected through survey method such as questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire was formulated according to the necessity of our study. Interview was conducted with the admin officer and other employees of Eastern Hospital for collecting the information.

Secondary Data:

Secondary Data is the data used previously for the same type of analysis and the results are undertaken for the further study. We also collected data from books, other research, internets etc.



Eastern Hospital and Medical Research Center (EHMRC) started its journey in 2002. At the beginning it was named as Shamorita Hospital. Then after some years operation it was converted its name from Shamorita to Arab Bangladesh Hospital Privet Ltd. In that time Arab had a small amount of share of it. Lastly it was named Eastern Hospital and now it is being operated by this name. Md. Sharif Hassan is the founder of this hospital. From the beginning he is acting as a Chairman of this hospital. The total employee of this hospital is 80 including fourth class employees. It was...
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