Recruitment and Selection of Incepta Pharma

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Résumé Pages: 10 (2240 words) Published: December 1, 2012
30th September, 2012

Homayara L. Ahmed Course Instructor Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy (J-601) Bangladesh University of Professionals Mirpur Cantonment Dhaka – 1216

Subject: Submission of report on “Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd” Dear Madam,
Here is the report on “Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.”, which you have assigned us as part of the course curriculum Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy (J-601). This is a group assignment, which was assigned after a series of class lectures and case studies. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to prepare this report. We appreciate the chance to apply our theoretical knowledge which will surely stand us in good stead.

We hope that despite of the limitations, this report will give a fare idea regarding Recruitment and Selection Process of an organization to the interested readers. We will be glad to clarify queries if you have any. Finally, we thank you again for providing us the opportunity to carry out such study.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Hafizur Rahman ……………...

Faruque Ahmed………………

Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Prepared for:
Homayara L. Ahmed
Course Instructor
Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy (J-601)

Prepared by:
Md. Hafizur Rahman M1112023
Faruque Ahmed M1112038 MBA-12

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka
September 30, 2012

Executive Summary

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh which established in the year 1999. Now they are exporting their products in 57 countries. Around 4000 individuals from diverse disciplines are working in the company.

To attain the goals and objectives, Incepta Pharma choose the right people both from internal and external sources. Only for entry level employees they use external recruitment and selection processes. Their external recruitment sources are universities and other organizations. Recruitment methods are job fair, campus recruitment, internships, advertisement, employee referrals.

They use extensive interview method as selection tool. Person/organization staffing model is get priority in the selection process. For mid and senior level employees they follow promotion system based performance and experience. They always prefer employee referral.

The main key factor of the success of Incepta Pharma is strong friendly and co-operative working environment. Employees share their tasks with each other. In suddenly vacancies of employment, employees work like team.

CHAPTER ONE 1. Introduction:

Recruitment is the process of identifying that the organization needs to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at the organization. Selection then consists of the processes involved in choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post.

Recruitment and selection is the core objectives of HR division of an organization. To attain the goals of an organization choosing the right people in right at time right place is very important. Incepta follow their own recruitment and selection...
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