Recruitment and Selection of Employees

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BMG355 Human Resource Management

Topic 2 – Recruitment and Selection of Employees

Recruitment and Selection of Employees is one of the most fundamental processes an organisation can implement. To be successful in business it is crucial to have the right people in the right job roles. To demonstrate this an example of how costly the ‘wrong hire’ can be will be needed. To further understand this area of business we plan to investigate the concept of Recruitment and Selection and the processes involved in selecting the most appropriate candidate. This will include the selection processes used and their validity. To assess why one process is more valid than another a comparison of two will be necessary. Structured and Un-Structured Interviews provide a perfect scenario for comparison as they are alternative versions of the same selection process. Our comparison will assess the pros and cons of each method, as well as the factors affecting the validity and provide us with reasoning as to why structured is seen as being more valid than Un-Structured.

Recruitment and Selection of Employees


Recruitment and selection are both aimed toward a similar goal. This goal is for an organisation to employ the right people for the right job. If recruitment and selection of employees is done correctly, it can be a rewarding process for both the employer and the employee. However if done incorrectly, it can be frustrating and costly to have an individual working in a role they are not suited to. If the individual cannot efficiently perform tasks expected of them, frustration will be felt by the organisation as productivity from this area may suffer and could potentially affect sales. The individual may also feel frustrated that either too much is expected of them or they may feel inadequate in that they are letting the organisation down. This will all have knock on effects in many ways throughout the period of employment. Recruitment and selection is important in any organisation as employing the wrong person can be costly on the organisation. The recruitment and selection process begins with recruitment. This is when the organisation identifies the need to employ an individual until the point where applications for the advertised job arrive at the organisation. Typical job advertising by organisations could be through newspapers, TV, radio or job centres. In the job advertisement, the employer needs to think hard about what sort of employee they are looking for before any applications can be made.

Recruitment in an organisation can be internal or external. Internal is used when existing employees are applying for a job which has come up within the organisation whereas external is an applicant from outside the organisation being employed for the job. Each type has its pros and cons. With internal recruitment, the individual already has experience of how the organisation operates, there are less selection costs for the organisation and promotion within the organisation may provide an incentive for other employees to be more productive. The disadvantage to this method would be that someone new needs to be employed to fulfil the job of the promoted employee. External recruitment means the organisation can bring in new talent and ideas to the business and has a wider range of candidates to choose from. However this is generally more costly and employers can’t ensure the person is all they say they are on paper. Acquiring the people most suited to the job is priority for ensuring future success for that particular employment.


One of the last stages in recruitment is selection which involves short-listing applicants leading to an employment decision. While recruitment can be perceived as a positive activity generating an optimum number of job-seekers, selection is inherently negative as it involves the rejection of applicants. Traditionally, the interview has been the...
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