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Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy

Appendix A - Appointment Committee Constitutions

Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy – HRM Division 2000

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Recruitment and Selection Policy
Policy Statement Recruitment and selection decisions significantly affect the University’s ability to meet its business planning needs and strategic objectives. It is important to invest time and energy into recruiting high calibre staff. The process is two-way; not only are appointment committee members assessing the best person for the position but applicants are also deciding whether the University is an organisation they wish to work in. The costs of a poor selection decision are substantial and often extend over many years. The University is committed to a systematic approach to recruitment and selection in order to attract, select and appoint the best staff through a fair and merit based process. Senior managers are accountable for ensuring compliance with the University’s recruitment and selection policy and processes. It is essential that all staff involved in these processes be given the opportunity to become fully familiar with them. This will maximize their effectiveness and ensure that the University recruits quality staff on a consistent basis. It will also ensure that recruitment and selection practices reflect our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and the framework of relevant employment legislation. Scope This policy and procedure applies to continuing appointments and normally to fixedterm appointments in excess of one year, but may be appropriate in other circumstances. Purpose • To ensure a consistent, fair and merit based approach in accordance with Equal Opportunity Policy and relevant employment legislation • To meet or exceed business planning needs and strategic objectives • To maximise the effectiveness of the University’s recruitment and selection practices. References The following University of Waikato Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: Good Practice Guidelines - Recruitment and Selection Equal Opportunity Policy Appointment of Near Relatives or Close Friends of Staff Members Appointment Committee Constitutions (Appendix A) Appointment Expenses Accident Insurance Act 1998 Employment Relations Act 2000 Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 Human Rights Act 1993 Privacy Act 1993 Race Relations Act 1977 State Services Act 1988 And any other relevant Acts or Amendments to Acts

Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy – HRM Division 2000

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PROCESS OVERVIEW • Preparing to Recruit Assess Strategic Requirements Job Analysis - Position Description - Person Specification Approval Recruitment and Selection Advertise/Search Process Appointment Committee Membership Exchange Information Privacy Shortlist Selection Planning Meeting Reference Checks Whanau or Other Support The Interview and Selection Decision Appointment Unsuccessful Applicants

PROCEDURES Preparing to Recruit 1. Assess Strategic Requirements Recruitment and selection is primarily a strategic exercise in the context of an overall workforce plan. It provides an opportunity to attract an outstanding appointee who will contribute effectively towards meeting future key objectives. Recruitment and selection decisions are of long-term strategic importance. Needs must be assessed carefully. Is it appropriate to fill the position in a different way, at a higher or lower level, in a full-time or part-time capacity? Lateral thinking about the different ways to achieve objectives is important, as budgets must accommodate any proposals. Job Analysis/Position Description/Person Specification If it is a new position, the Human Resource Advisor will assist the line manager to carry out job analysis processes in consultation with others as appropriate. The component tasks, responsibilities and outcomes of the position will be identified as well as the qualifications, knowledge, skills and personal abilities required for good performance...
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