Recruitment and Selection

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Before an applicant is selected by Shell, he or she would have to achieve the company’s expectations via there degree qualification and are required to have a valid work permit for their location they are being selected to work in. There selection process begins with a candidate being asked to create a profile and complete three pre registration questions to check if they certify the three company fits which are person fit, job fit and team fit. After which they are asked to select the position they wish to occupy and complete an application form which includes attaching a Resume/ CV. then the applicant has to answer a short questionnaire. On completion of submitting the the application form and resume/CV. Shell will send a confirmation letter that the information has been received within 48 hrs of submission date. Two weeks upon receiving the complete application, shell will let the applicant know if they have been invited for an interview. This may take place either face to face or over the telephone where the interviewer will assess the candidates performance based on different criteria’s which include capacity, achievement, relationship skills, and if the candidates position requires it then technical skills as well. (CART) At this point, the candidate will be given an opportunity to inform the company more about themselves in terms of achievements, challenges they’ve faced how they overcame them demonstrating the qualities shell is looking for. This will also be an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about their role, the culture, work, work environment or other areas that interest them. ASSESSMENT

If applicants pass the first stage of the interviews, they are invited to the final stage of the application process which is the assessment day. An assessment day may last from about 7am to 6pm and is divided into four main sections which are; presentation, role play, group...
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