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Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection

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1.Company profile
2.Corporate profile
1.An end-to-end IT services provider
2.Core values
3.Organizational structure
4.Customer philosophy
3.Introduction to HRM
2.Evolution and development of Human Resource Management (HRM) 3.Objectives of Human Resource Management
4.Scope of Human Resource Management
1.Theories of recruitment
2.Objective factor theory
3.Subjective factor theory
4.Critical contact theory
5.Objectives of recruitment
6.Recruitment process
5.Research objectives
1.Main objectives of this study are
4.Types of research
6.Data analysis and interpretation

People are at the centre of everything we do. This is evident in the relationship between Adecco’s more than 631,000 internal and external employees, as well as that between our employees and over 100,000 clients we serve every day. People are the focus of our continued search for excellence in the provision of our principal offerings: temporary staffing, permanent placement, secondment, outsourcing, outplacement, training and consulting. People, whatever their culture or background, all aspire to a better life and a more rewarding future. We inspire individuals and organisations to create greater choice in the world of work, for the benefit of all stakeholders. As the worldwide leader in HR services, we are conscious of our global role of helping to shape tomorrow’s workplace for the better. As a complement to our traditional Office and Industrial businesses, we operate Professional staffing businesses, focused on the specific expertise of our employees. In today’s fluid business environment, Adecco people around the world are helping connect private and public organisations with the right skills and expertise to fulfil their needs. Matching talent is vital in giving individuals and companies a competitive edge. We build...

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