Recruitment and Selection

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How can following best practice in recruitment and selection help organizations achieve their objectives? Illustrate your answer with examples from your reading and/or experience.

Recruitment and Selection are vital processes for a successful organization, having the right staff can “improve and sustain organizational performance” (Petts, 1997). “Recruitment and Selection are conceived as the processes by which organizations solicit, contact and interest potential appointees, and then establish whether it would be appropriate to appoint any of them”. (Sisson, 1994).This essay will discuss the best practices used by organizations in the recruitment and selection processes. Perth Convention Centre, a multi-million dollar Convention Centre includes facilities such as six exhibition pavilions, a 2,500-seat tiered auditorium, 19 specialist meeting rooms and a hotel will be used to analyze to show how recruitment and selection are used. This essay will also argue that not all organizations can use the same practices in recruitment and selection as this will depend on various factors.

Recruiting is seen as a “positive process of generating a pool of candidates by reaching the ‘right’ audience, suitable to fill the vacancy” (Leopold, 2002). The first step of recruitment is to put forward a job analysis. A job analysis is important for both the organization and the candidates. Recruitment is very time consuming, thus it is important to know if that specific job is needed for the functioning of the organization and if the candidate is needed for that job. If this job is not needed in an organization, recruitment and selection of a candidate is not necessary. However, if the job is needed, a job description is compiled. A job description usually consists of the job title, where the job is located, what the key purpose of the job is, what are the main duties that the job entails and what role it plays in the success of the organization. Based on the job description a person specification can be compiled. A person specification is a “process by which both the essential qualities necessary to undertake the job and the desirable qualities of the ideal candidate for the job are described” (Torrington et al, 1992). Once the job description and the person specification have been put together, the ‘pay rate’ and ‘benefit package’ has to be discussed. At the Perth Convention Centre they fully implement the Job analysis process by constructing a job description, person specification. However at Perth they do not disclose the pay rate and the benefit package’s in the job description. This non-disclosure of the pay rate can prove to be un-attractive for potential candidates as they will want to know what the benefits and the pay rate is before they apply. Perth’s Job description is solely created by the Human resources team, although this is recommended, however they should consult the line manager who will be reported to by the new recruits as there input into the job role will be essential elements and detail which should be included in the specification. The next step is finding ways on how to recruit a candidate. There are three ways in which an organization can recruit a candidate; these are Internal, External and On-line recruitment, although these methods have proven successful over time a number of drawbacks can be found amongst them when recruiting. Internal recruitment consists of advertisements on staff notice boards, mentioning’s at general or formal staff meetings. According to Leopold (2002) internal recruiting allows staff to develop in the organization by promoting them to a new area thus giving them a wide knowledge of various jobs or promote them to a higher level in the same area. The advantages of internal recruitment are that the manager knows the real potential of the candidate and will not make the mistake of recruiting an external candidate who is not motivated to contribute to the...
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