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Bomb Threat

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(It is important that you review every section of this manual and add to, change or remove all sections that do not match up with your property. It is also important to review this document with regards to what is legally correct in your operating area and if you operate in a union environment, that the words stay within the context of the existing union contract.)


Bomb Threat Procedure 3
Directions for Managers and Employees 3
Bomb Threat Reception 3
Action to be Taken 4
Search Procedure 4
Locating an Unidentified Suspicious Package 4
Evacuation Procedure 5
Reoccupation of Building 6
Training 6

Appendix 1 – Bomb Threat Procedure Summary 7
Appendix 2 – Bomb Threat Guidelines 8
Appendix 3 – Threat Recipient Particulars 9


Bomb Threat Procedure

Directions for Managers and Employees

When faced with a bomb threat, the primary concern must always be the safety of personnel. A comprehensive threat response policy is required to ensure the maximum margin of safety of all persons. This section has been prepared with this most essential criterion in mind.

In the event of a bomb threat, if evacuation is initiated, the exit routes and assembly areas should be searched prior to vacating the premises. Personnel cannot safely re-occupy the building and resume normal activities until a search has been conducted. These processes require a procedure with logical, chronological steps.

Bomb Threat Reception

Bomb threats are often transmitted by phone. The person receiving the call should be prepared to obtain precise information, including:

The time the call was received and on which telephone number or extension

The exact words of the person making the threat

Indicate whether it was a male or female voice and an approximate age

Note any accent or speech impediment or slurring of speech which could indicate intoxication or an unbalanced condition

Listen for the presence of any background noises such as traffic, music, or other voices indicate if the voice is familiar

The person receiving the threatening call should be prepared to ask the caller certain questions if the information has not been volunteered.

Where is the bomb?

When is it going to explode?

What does it look like?

What kind of bomb is it?

Why did you place the bomb?

What is your name?

The caller may provide specific information by answering these questions.

Often the type of person making a threat of this nature becomes so involved that they will answer questions impulsively. Any additional information obtained will be helpful to police and explosive technicians. The Bomb Threat Checklist Report should be kept near your phone to assist you in recording this information.

Action to be Taken

The employee receiving the call will notify his/her manager/supervisor immediately and provide a completed Bomb Threat Checklist Report to him/her, if their manager/supervisor is not available, contact the first available manager.

Senior Management will:

Proceed to emergency Response Room, or other Designated Area, to co-ordinate emergency efforts

Notify the police - Call 911

Uniform Police Officer(s) will be dispatched to the scene

Initiate the search procedure on direction of police

Initiate evacuation on direction of police (evacuation will be in accordance with the Fire Plan)

Notification to police should be prompt, and include as much detail as possible. The person who received the threatening call should be available immediately for police interviewing.

Search Procedure

Police cannot conduct a proper search of your premises. Co-ordination of employee’s response is essential. Management staff and volunteer personnel will be designated responsibility for searching a specific area including...
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