Recruitment and Selection

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The basic idea behind assignment on the topic of “Recruitment and Selection” is to study how employees are hired. Today organizations are coming up with the new techniques of hiring people. Hence to study how the actual process is carried in the organization.


In Human Resource Management (HRM) as well as in any organization, recruitment and selection plays an important and vital role in achieving the organizational vision, mission, goals and objectives. Organizations today consider human resources as the critical resource of the organization. Recruitment and selection is the staffing function in organizations. The primary goal of staffing is to get the right people for the company to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Before recruitment and selection, an organization must analyze the external environment and examine its internal situation to develop human resource plans considering any new requirement and existing vacant positions. Getting the right people interested in applying for a job at a company is the core of recruitment.

Recruiting people who are wrong for the organisation can lead to increased labour turnover, increased costs for the organisation, and lowering of morale in the existing workforce. Such people are likely to be discontented, unlikely to give of their best, and end up leaving voluntarily or involuntarily when their unsuitability becomes evident. They will not offer the flexibility and commitment that many organisations seek. Managers and supervisors will have to spend extra time on further recruitment exercises, when what is needed in the first place is a systematic process to assess the role to be filled, and the type of skills and abilities needed to fill it. Effective recruitment depends on knowing how applicants and organizations view it. It is important for Human Resource Management (HRM) Department to know the need of the applicants and the company. At all stages of recruitment and selection, HRM Department must seek individuals with best match of skills and competencies to the need, the highest standards of personal integrity and a willingness to face challenges and develop themselves in a changing environment. Recruitment and selection process must be conducted in a transparent and consistent with relevant civil right laws. It has to be non-discriminatory manner and participatory to be successful.

When the recruitment and selection is done in a proper manner, the right person for the right position is hired. The organization will be able to thrive without much hassle and trouble. Therefore it is imperative for the organization to set the right recruitment and selection procedures in order to get the right person for the right position.

Every organization no matter what their size is must have a proper recruitment and selection plan or human resource plan. HRM department should assist line managers to develop their human resource plans effectively. Based on the recruitment information from all units, HRM Department must analyze human resource plans of different units and develop a master plan for the organization. To conduct recruitment and selection efficiently, it is better to split the recruitment and selection in month order. Overall without a proper plan, nothing will work out better. Therefore proper human resource plans have to be laid for the best recruitment and selection which will ultimately lead to the success of the organization.

Assignment Methodology

This assignment aims to find out and analyze the hiring process in the organization and its importance for the success of the organization.

The method of approach adopted for the same, would be as follows:

1. Explain what Recruitment and Selection basically is.

2. Present the case studies...
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