Recruitment and Selection

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Recruitment Pages: 11 (2246 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Program: MBA Executive 2005/2006

Subject: Human Resource Management

Code: PUB 520
Lecturer: Dr. C. SOTTA

Term Paper:
“Examine any human resource management issue in the organization of your choice. Come up with proposals on how to go about handling the problem at hand”.

Prepared by:
John P. Mosha,
15th November 2005


In this paper, discussion will be based on the whole issue of Recruitment and Selection.

Our Organization of reference is The Population Services International, PSI Tanzania. Matters to be discussed are

• The manpower planning procedure

• Recruitment

• Selection

• Induction

Background to the organization:

Population Services International is a non-Governmental, non-profit organization that exists to ensure the availability, affordability and use of quality health products to low income Tanzanians and those at risk of diseases through behavior change communication.

The major activities of PSI are:

• Promotion of health products namely, Salama Condoms, Ngao insecticide, treated nets and water treatment solution and tablets known as WaterGuard.

• Ensure proper distribution of these products to different types of outlets by the use of a national agent and commissioned sales agents,

• Training to different populations in their social setup, e.g. Schools, Institutions, civil society groups, government sectors and the general public.

• Involve other stakeholders and partners in the fight against diseases.


This is done mainly through three major activities namely, Mobile Video Unit (MVUs), Local Theatre performances and Special Events.

MVU is a projection of film on a huge screen suitable for general public and institutions with the multitude of viewers. Normally the films are for entertainment and health education.


Proper distribution is ensured through a diverse distribution channels. At the corporate level, we have the National Distributor who has been contracted to supply all the regional towns of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. At the regional level all regions have a PSI representative at the capacity of the regional Manager, who is supported by a substantial number of casual labors who then pick the products from the wholesalers to the retail outlets and other specialized outlets.


This is done by a two different teams: firstly, the dedicated training team from the training department and secondly, by the team of trained casual labors. Groups that are our primary targets include but not limited to:

Women groups, Youth camps, clients of credit societies, laborers at work sites e.g. mining sites, construction sites, large plantations etc; Primary and Secondary Schools, Institutions and Colleges like Mzumbe, SUA, CBE etc.


PSI works in partnership with numerous organs, be them governmental and non-governmental. All government health offices in regions and districts, NGOs working in these fields, faith based groups like churches and church owned institutions etc. are part of our partners.

To do all these activities, PSI has 75 permanent employees and 145 casual labors. All these are employed via different methods. At PSI, the permanent staff is divided in three major groups, namely, the ‘senior managers’, the ‘junior managers’ and the ‘support team’. The senior managers include the Executive Director, directors of the projects and the heads of departments. Junior managers involve Zonal and regional Managers, promotion team leaders and newsletter editor while the support staff includes secretaries, drivers, trainers, messengers and gardeners. In this paper, we are going to visit some of the procedures used by PSI in the past to get their employees and compare with the present situation.

Employee resourcing methods:

The Admin and Human Resource manager coupled with the...
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