Recruitment and Selection

Topics: Employment, Temporary work, Wage Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Employment is vital to any business. Right from the top of the business where managing directors and business owners are employed, right down to the bottom of the chain where people sweep the floors. Every person is vital to an organisation. There are many reasons in which owners employ people; here I shall explain some reasons for doing so. A reason for a business owner to employ someone could be to do with expansion of the business. If a company is pretty small but is growing very fast and the small amount of employees cannot cope, then the owner may decide to employ more people to share the work load. For example if Tesco was opening a new branch then it would need to employ more people to run the store because its staff numbers would not cope. This is essential to any business because growth is usually the way to maximise profits. Another reason for employment may be that the company needs some fresh minds to the business. So if a member of staff has been at the business for say 30 years and hasn’t really changed a thing then the market may be “saturated” or at the “declining” stage of its lifecycle. Bringing in new minds may be a very good way of creating new ideas for the business and making more sales as a result. A good way of producing more sales is creating something new and fresh minds usually bring that. Training can be bought into the business rather than the business actually training people itself. One set back to this may be that the company cannot mould its staff as easily. Some companies prefer to get people in and then train them because they can be adapted to the business straight away. So if an owner decides to employ someone but does not want to train anyone then they could just employ someone that has already been trained. Another setback to this is that the company will have to pay a larger salary because the person has already had training in certain areas. Employment agencies are companies that promote jobs for employers looking for...
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