Recruitment and Selection

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Individual assignment:

You have joined and organisation going through an organisational transformation, the organisation having been bought-out by a Multi-National enterprise.

You have been requested to review your existing Recruitment, Selection and Retention strategies.

You have been specifically asked to consider this from the expectations of a Multi-National organisation. How would your national strategies meet the expectations of your new Multi-National managers? Specifically this activity is to allow the student to demonstrate the following:

* Develop a workforce management, people management, human resource management , intellectual capital management plan and design a valid recruitment and selection system for appropriate cultural contexts and labour market scenarios

* Critically analyse and evaluate the Key functions of Human Resource Management, workforce management, people management and intellectual capital management

* Critically analyse and evaluate the systems and tools which are used in the various interpretations of management of the labour force and the conventions which may be used in these various contexts e.g. those used in the UK Human Resources Management or in the workforce management in other cultures. 1. Build up Management Mechanism via establishing common strategies and values well-noticed by all staffs 2. Understanding the employees – build up employee relation 3. Solution of selecting method

4. Recruitment Process - Testing System
5. Choose the right person
6. Appraisal and Rewarding System
ABSTRACT (10 marks 500 words). This should include a brief statement of the objectives, the methodology and the major findings of the work

INTRODUCTIONS (15 Marks and 750 words). This should include the objectives of the work and may include an outline of the research methods.

Being a part of a multi-national company is surely bringing...
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