Recruitment and Selection

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What is recruitment and selection?
[In other words, the process where an organization collect a number of people who met requirements and qualified for that organization] Selection is…..
During both processes R&S, an organization has to justify why they are going to choose particular methods to recruit and select people in a capable pool, that is to say, what elements or what under considerations which they use to influence their decisions before recruiting and selecting people

Attraction and Retention

The definition of recruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply an organization for employment. therefore this means that there is a need to generate people’s interest to apply for the job. This means that people have choice to choose

This is why an organization has to consider this strategic choice. To be precise, attraction means….

For the internal sources this is associated with retention which means

When considering attraction and retention strategy, an organization might first of all apply the concept of Fitting the person to the environment, organization

As this diagram illustrates In an organization Whereas HR plocies will be designed to achevive particular organizational targets and goals, those policies also provide an opportunity for individual needs to emerge and be satisfied. This view assumes that a fit between a person and the environment can be found so that commitment and performance are enhance (Kristof, 1996). This not only gives a high performance advantages but also lead to “retention” Criticism

However, commentator have Doubted whether such mutuality could develop on the basis of equality because organizational need would always be superiority. In typical form of profit-organistaion, the issue of profits maybe considered outweight individual needs.

Another important element when considering attraction and retention strategy in recruitment and selection is to set out, what is...
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