Recruitment and Selecion

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Strategic management Pages: 15 (4977 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Table of Contents

1.2Recruitment And Selection3
1.3Principles of recruitment and selection at Allied Autos ltd.4
1.4Resourcing Strategy at Allied Autos Ltd.4
1.5The strategic hrm approach to resourcing4
1.6Fair Approach to recruitment and selection5
1.7Sub- sytems of recruitment and selection (Pilbeam & Corbridge,2006)5 1.8 At allied auto different phases of recruitment5
1.9 Approaches to recruitment and selection:6
Competency Approach6
A Contingency approach6
Traditional Approach6
1.10 Strategic recruitment and selection6
1.11 Staged approach6
1.Is there a vacancy7
2. Attracting Candidates7
3.Recruitment Advert7
4.Measuring Candidates:7
CV or application form7
Processing application7
1.12Talent Management and Development Techniques:8
2.1Performance Mangement9
Performance management is a broader term, it includes9
2.2Models of Performance Management9
1.Balanced Score card9
2.The EFQM Business Excellence Model9
2.3Performance management systems9
2.4Objectives of performance management at Allied autos10 Standard Oriented10
Excellence Oriented:10
2.5 Behaviour-Oriented Approach10
2.6 Principles of measurement at allied autos.11
2.7 Classification of measures11
1.Productivity measures11
2.Quality Measures11
3.Objectives set and Met11
2.8 Criteria for performance measures-appraisals12
2.8 Strategies used at allied autos for improving performance.12 2.9 Pay Performance Issues13
3.1References14 1.1 Introduction: This report is about the principles and practices involved in the process of strategic recruitment and selection at Automax ltd. Automax Ltd is in business of manufacturing auto components for a wide range of products in India, it operates more than 7 units in India The biggest challenge in Automax ltd is to find, attract and retain the talent and big challenge for employees in this organization is to find good people to work with. Human resource is not only the most important resource for any organisation but is a non replicated resource. The main aspiration of Automax Ltd is that it should be the most preferred company to work for, employees should feel belonged to the organisation and all professional goals needs to be fulfilled. The researcher will discuss the principles and practices used by them for strategic approach to strategic recruitment and selection. As we know that HR functional HR strategies deal with the core areas of HRM like recruitment and selection, performance management, pay issues, employee relations.

1.2 Strategic Recruitment: According to [ (Alan Nankervis, 2009) ]Recruitment and selection within an organisation is an integral part of that organization’s overall human resource management and planning process. It is closely related to other human resources management processes like human resource development, performance appraisal, job design, promotions and transfers, reward management.

Strategic recruitment usually refers to the identification of the real recruitment needs of the organization and fulfilling those needs. The organizational needs should be tied with the overall business needs. In strategic recruitment approach, business strategy should be linked to the recruitment strategy

1.3 Principles of Strategic recruitment : These principles are just the guidelines which helps in designing and implementing effectiverecruitment strategies. 1 .A well defined strategy: There should be a clearly defined and communicated strategy which defines the brand message, target candidates and primary sources.If the strategy is not defined ornot communicated properly it might result in wastage of resources. 2.Pipeline approach : A well defined recruitment strategy should help in building a steady and continuous pipeline of...
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