Recruitment and Remuneration Strategies

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Recruitment and Remuneration Strategies

Peilong He

1. Introduction
The case study of USC luring two top scientists could be a very good example of hiring great people. Along with the development of human resources, the normal recruitment processes are evolved into creative recruitment processes. Organizations change their recruitment strategies in order to get the ideal staff. Looking for talent could be a bid problem for organizations and the recruiters are employed to complete this task. The creative recruiting could help organizations to get the ideal hires. According to the successful courting two of the world’s preeminent neuroscientists of USC, the recruitment strategies and remuneration strategies should be analyzed carefully to find the creative methods USC employed (Boam, Sparrow and Wilkinson.2006).

The following sections would illustrate the critical evaluation of recruitment and remuneration strategies adopted by USC, the complement of remuneration strategies to recruitment strategies and the contribution of recruitment and remuneration strategies to USC’s strategic objectives.

2. Critical evaluation of recruitment and remuneration strategies adopted by USC Before making critical evaluation of recruitment and remuneration strategies adopted by USC, the summary of recruitment strategies adopted by USC should be summarized as following: • Building and maintaining a relationship with two neuroscientists and those close persons around the neuroscientists (Ackah,Heaton.2004). • Encouraging employee networking which involves the most senior people. • Creating organization culture where deans know janitors as well as they know their medical school faculty (Clarke, 1999).

As for the remuneration processes, the USC offered relevant benefits as following: • Firstly, Offering money and facilities;
• When knowing UCLA expanding the lab and giving the men more resources, USC top executives talked with the men and attracted the man with his life and the things that excite him. • USC’s commitment to building a world-class program, the facilities. Besides, some “softer consideration” including proximity to family and commute time for Toga and moving to Pennsylvania of family and lab staff for Thompson (Boam, Sparrow and Wilkinson.2006).

With combination of recruitment strategies and remuneration processes, USC finally recruited those two talented men.

Based on above illustration of recruitment strategies, the critical evaluation could be constructed as following: • Get in touch or building relationship with the person you want: once USC wanted to court Toga and Thompson, they just started to get in touch with them and presented their desires clearly. This is the very important start in recruiting talents. By comparisons with the normal recruitment processes, the first step of recruiting talents is definitely different from which of the normal recruitment processes. During normal recruitment processes, the first step is to get official or formal resumes from candidates (Van den Brink 2012). Differently, getting in touch with talent can provide some key information for following recruitment and remuneration strategies (Ackah, Heaton. 2004). • Maintaining relationships with talent: USC spent more than 3 years building and maintaining the relationships with Toga, Thompson and their family, lab staff. Though it looks like wasting time, it really is the key part of recruiting Toga and Thompson. Since at last, USC successfully recruited two men with life and the things they wanted, so it should be worth of building and maintaining the relationships with them and their family, lab staff. And three years was enough for Toga and Thompson to know and realize USC’s recruiting. Maintaining relationships just makes the entire process more natural (Hardill, Watson .2004). • Encouraging people networking: Toga and...
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