Recruitment and Best Supervisors

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Case Study: Staffing
Christian Corporation
I. Time Context :
* On this day, there is a problem within the staff, where in there is a poor quality of supervisors in the department. II. Viewpoint :
* Poor quality of the twenty supervisors reporting to the section heads was the problem. The Christian Corporation has poor record in selecting good supervisors. There are only five or six who are outstanding out of twenty supervisors. Two of them gave their opinions about the problem. One of the section head said that his technical people make the best supervisors. And another one section head recommended the basis of seniority for having best supervisors. But the department manager who held the regular staff meeting said that people who spend their time only on technical work may never learn how to manage and the age is not only the criterion for supervision. III. Statement of the Problem :

* Is there any possible solution for having best supervisors? * Is there any conflict within the department manager and the section heads for having the best supervisors because of their different views of opinion? IV. Objectives :

* To develop the training aspects for the poor quality of supervisors. * To attain the 100% success rate in selecting qualified supervisors. * To maintain the unity of the group for the sake of the company. V. Areas of Consideration/ Analysis :

* Best technical people make the best supervisors. But people like them may never learn how to manage because they spend much of their time only on technical work. * There are poor quality of supervisors because of the poor aspects of recruiting, selecting and training of supervisors. * The department manager and the section heads don’t have their unity as a group for the company. The department manger doesn’t have consideration on what her staff’s recommendation. And also this section heads they just recommend some of their staffs without knowing if this...
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