Recreational Drug Use

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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I. Introduction
A.) How many times has a person heard about the consequences of drug abuse? Has anyone ever really taken those consequences into action? Drug abuse is one of the major problems in our world.
B.) Should we try to stop the use and abuse of drugs? Yes we should, but its not going to be easy.
C.) I’m going to need everyone of you to help. Why? Because it is becoming a problem with teens like us today.
D.) Let me tell you what we will be covering:
1.) Why is drug use/abuse getting worse?
2.) How can we stop it?
3.) How will things be after it is stopped?

Lets explore the the questions listed above.
II. Body
A.) Why is drug use/abuse getting worse?
I.) The key factor of why its getting worse is because, drugs are becoming easier and easier to get. Let’s not forget that it is also becoming cheaper. How easy it is to get and how cheap it is getting is going attract curious teenagers to try them. Why aren’t parents talking to their teens seriously about the dangers of drugs. Drugs can affect you physically and mentally whether you choose to believe it or not.

Let’s just assume that everybody knows somebody that has abused drugs or still is abusing them. How is that going to affect you? Are you going to get talked into trying “something fun” something that will give you a new outlook on life. Is it really going to be fun, or is going to get you into even worse drugs that you won’t be able to back away from cause you “like” what it does to you mentally? Would you risk everything you’ve ever wanted or dreamed of just to try “something fun”, its not going to make you a better person by far. Now you tell me is it worth losing everything just because YOU wanted to have “fun”.

II.) The types of drugs that are being circulated throughout teens is Acid other know as LSD and Ecstasy or X. LSD and Ecstasy are hallucinogens usually taken while at a party or concerts. Another is Marijuana (weed, pot, bud, dank), marijuana is one of the...
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