Recreational Drug Use

Topics: Recreational drug use, Drug addiction, Opioid Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: December 13, 2007
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Recreational drug usage consists of abusing psychoactive drugs for reason other then medical, work, or spiritual cause. These drugs can range from simple coffee down to heroin. These drugs are not healthy for the body, and have caused many deaths. HIV can be caused by non injected drugs. A United States poll, testifies that nearly two hundred million people use drugs at least once a year. This is truly what is wrong with our soceity today. No one can truly state each cause of drug use, because there could be many reasons, however no matter the case of how it started the way it ends could leave a extreme terminal case for anyone. The purpose of this essay is show how recreational drugs have affected many and to possibly stop someone from beginning a life full of dissapoitment and long term illness. Drugs are ruining lives each day. There are now more drug users, abusers, and sellers then there are doctors or dentists. No matter what problem someone is trying to solve, using recreational drugs to become high or out of the state of mind are not legal and should not be usen for that purpose. (Hall p.50) Teenagers, who begin their early stages of adolescent, are influenced by peer pressure to experiment with drugs, quite frequently. From that point they are usually not at the right state of mind and begin making bad decisions. This fastly increases their risk to enhance HIV. It usually starts as a smaller drug, normally marijuana, then as time passes by it begins to not be strong enough so teenagers lean toward stronger and higher addictive drugs. (Smith) Crack is also a very dangerous recreational drug. A sign and symptom that someone is abusing crack will be blisters, and cracks on the mouth. Then the blood from these wounds can be placed on the stem, usually a smaller metal pipe; can be lead to the next person wishing for the thrill. Nine times out of ten, that thrill they were looking for gets rapidly replaced with...
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