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The aim of this essay is to reflect on the role that I played in the post anaesthetic care of a 32 year old lady who came in to have a laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anaesthesia. In this essay I will demonstrate how I applied my understanding of homeostasis in the care of the patient in the recovery room. I will also be showing how I assess the patient’s anatomy and physiology in relation to airway management. Reflecting on aspects of practice related to the post anaesthetic care of patients in the recovery room will also be demonstrated. I will also be applying specialist knowledge about the patient, through the assessment, planning and delivery of their individualized care, as described by Mallet and Bailey (1996). The final stages of the essay will also encompass developing a specific understanding of psychological, social and cultural influences in relation to patient care in recovery. In order to meet the above criteria’s I will be using the Drsicol’s reflective framework, (What, So what, Now what) to deliver the essay. For the purpose of patient confidentiality for this essay I have made up the names within the essay, and the patient will be called Mrs. Fraser (Association of Operating Department Practitioners, Code of Conduct 2001).

On the 10th of September 2012 I was allocated to the Recovery room and told I would be undertaking my Recovery room placement which involved looking after several patients who had undergone various surgeries in the operating theatre under general anaesthesia. I arrived at 8am and began to check the recovery room’s log book to check and prepare equipment before the patients arrived. I began by checking the alarm bells to ensure they were all working in each bay in case of an emergency. Checked all the suction equipment was working and reaching a required pressure of 300mm Hg when occluded. I checked the oxygen supply was connected and working at a maximum of 15 litres, I also connected the Mapelson’s C breathing circuit in each bay to ensure the breathing bag could be fully inflated. I also ensured there was an adequate supply of airways, such as Hudson masks, guedels, nasal specs. I switched the monitors on and checked the pulse oximeter was working , by putting it on my finger then removing it to ensure the alarm was triggered. I also checked that there were enough ECG leads and blood pressure cuffs available. I also restocked the thermometers. Some of the other tasks I had to do was to wipe down all working surfaces and ensure they were uncluttered and clear of mess, stock up clean linen and make sure there were enough intravenous drip hangers ready. Once all these tasks were done and signed for the Recovery room was ready to accept patients. Shortly after 10.30am Mrs Fraser arrived into the recovery room with the anaesthetist Dr Jones and the scrub nurse Nancy. I checked and saw that Mrs Fraser was breathing spontaneously with a Hudson face mask on at 7 litres of oxygen which was on the trolley. I took over the airway by connecting the oxygen tubing to the recovery room one and turned it to 7 litres, which I then followed by connecting the pulse oximetry, ECG lead and lastly the blood pressure monitoring. Mrs Fraser was in a stable condition breathing on her own but was still unconscious, she was making a slight snoring sound and to remedy this I lifted her chin slightly to keep the airway clear and to ensure there is an effective cough reflex. Dr Jones then began his handover, which included: * Name, Age of patient

* Procedure
* Anaesthetic given
* Analgesia given
* Fluids given
* Post-operative care required
Once Dr. Jones had completed his handover, he asked me if I was happy for him to leave, which I was as Mrs. Fraser was stable. Nancy scrub nurse then gave me her...
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