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It happened when I was still a kindergarten student. Every 17th August, my school organized a poetry reading competition for its students as a part of Independence Day celebration. As an active student, I then got my mother to sign me up in that competition. My mother was hesitated since she didn’t sure that I could do poetry-reading. However, in order to make me happy, she finally signed me up.

When the day of the competition came, my heart beat so fast that I could hear it by my own. I was the 8th participant to perform from 22 participants of the competition. I was so nervous by the time my name was called. However, with the supports from my mother and father, my confident arouse. I was reading a poem that was written by my teacher, Bu Lili, entitled Merdeka. When I read the poem, the audiences were so silent that made me a little bit nervous. Then, when I finished reading the poem, everyone was cheered and gave me the loudest applause I had ever heard. My mother and my father smiled at me when I walked down the stage and said that my performance was superb.

Three hours after the performance, the list of poetry-reading competition winners was finally read by the committee. I was once again nervous at the time hoping that I was in the list. The committee started to announce the winners from the fourth up to the first place. When the committee announced the second place winner, my heart stopped beating for a while. I could not believe what I heard, she called my name. I was so happy that I could win the second place in the competition. I can see my parents, my teachers, and my classmates smiled at me proudly.

When I returned home, all family members congratulated me. I was so happy and even happier when my parents gave me a cute rainbow-colored schoolbag.
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