Recount of Marco Polo

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Recount of Marco Polo

Marco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian traveler and was considered to bring a lot of things from eastern culture to western culture. In 1260, Marco Polo’s father (Nicolo) and his uncle (Maffeo Polo) started their first trip east and arrived at the area of Kublai Khan in 1265. Kublai Khan was the King of China who was interested in western culture and Christianity. As a result, he requested Nicolo and Maffro Polo to return to their country in order to bring back 100 priests and holy oil to China. When Marco Polo was seventeen years old, he escorted his father and uncle on a three year journey passing through Persia, Black Sea, Afghanistan and Gobi Desert to the Empire of China, they called Cathay. Marco Polo’s father and uncle had entertained Kublai Khan by telling him some western culture and stories. Therefore, Kublai Khan was glad to see them and welcomed Marco Polo. Young Marco Polo was very clever, he could learn language in a short time, which made Kublai Khan offer a job to him. He was the representative of Cathay and went to different countries such as, India, Java, Tibet, and Burma. While he was working, he learnt a lot of different cultures and languages. Marco Polo was feeling homesick after a few years and requested to quit his job and go back to Venice. However, Kublai Khan was so reluctant to let Marco Polo return home since he was valuable to him. Finally, Kublai Khan offered the Polos the final mission before they left which was to marry her daughter. Since a marriage was arranged for the Cathay Princess Kokachin. The Polos accompanied the daughter of Kublai Khan and her wedding party to Persia. They arrived in Perisa before continuing their home in 1293. They arrived in Venice in 1295 while there was a war against Genoa. Marco Polo became the commander of a Venetian ship in the war. However, he lost and was taken as a prisoner by the Genoese. He met a skillful writer called Rustichello of Pisa while in prison. Marco Polo...
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