Records Control

Topics: Computer file, Storage, Patient Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Records Control
Arielle McNeil
HCR 210
Lyndsey Jacobs
December 12, 2012

Records Control
Every medical facility whether they are small, medium or large has some similarities and differences when it comes to how they control their patient’s medical records. The similarities between the small, medium and large medical facilities is that some facilities circulate there records and are stored in the front of the office. Majority agrees that the biggest problem in records management is the misplacement of files, follow up and treatment plans and billing issues are the worse. In terms of the measure they take to ensure the patients privacy as soon as the information is taken it is either file in their paper record or documented on the computer. In smaller facilities records are typically in three different areas to ensure that the information doesn’t get mixed up and when it comes to privacy measures it goes straight to the file area to be locked up until filed in the patient’s records. Charts are stored in a locked cabinet to prevent exposure of patient’s information to unauthorized personnel. They keep patients records on file from either 4 to 7 years and then its destroyed. In medium facilities paper records are stored in two different locations until stored in the proper places and are circulated from one area to another. Paper files are transferred immediately and electronic are documented during exam. Patients are required to sign a consent form before documents are released. When a record gets lost the original document is obtained from storage and files are kept for seven years then they are destroyed. Larger facilities store records in a storage room and the measures taken to ensure privacy is by all paper files to lock in a cabinet and computers are password protected so only authorized individuals are able to use them. The original file is kept in storage in case the medical record may get lost. Records are kept for 6 to 7 years at the medical...
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