Records Administrators and Technicians

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Records Administrators and Technicians

By | July 2011
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Records Administrators and Technicians


Sheryl Anikienko


Health records technicians and health records administrators work in the organization and management of patient information; however, technicians have fewer educational requirements, fewer managerial responsibilities and lower salaries in comparison to administrators. Technicians

Health records technicians are involved in assembling medical data and charts, maintaining secure records, coding diagnoses and ensuring access to health-care information. They are also involved in the growing use of electronic medical records and must be familiar with software and computer developments for patient data organization. Technician Training

Most health records technicians have a minimum of an associate’s degree. Registered Health Information Technicians must graduate from an accredited two-year program. The median annual wage was $30,610 in 2008. Administrators

Health records administrators, also known as health records managers, are also responsible for the security and organization of patient data, but their responsibilities are greater, as they are involved in the planning and supervision of records systems. They run records departments, keep up with changing health-care regulations and legislation and manage electronic databases. They may also be called upon to work with researchers using electronic records. Administrator Training

Bachelor's degrees are required for administrator positions, and graduate programs are available as well. To become a Registered Health Information Administrator, you must attend an approved program and take an exam. Earnings

Health administrators' median annual wages in 2009 were $60,725. Source:
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Health Records Technicians Medical Records Administrator

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