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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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Recording devices provide various means of organizing the recordings of information about student achievement. 1.
2. Anecdotal Record
3. Checklist
4. Rating Scale
5. Rubrics
6. Learning Log

Anecdotal Record
A written record kept in a positive tone of a child's progress based on milestones particular to that child's social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and cognitive development. *
* are objective observations, not interpretations or judgments * are positive
* account for significant events or behaviors
* give information that cannot be obtained using other methods of assessment * usually include the date, time, event, setting, student’s name, and teacher’s name


* are written lists of criteria used while a product or a student’s behavior is being assessed * involve the use of a checkmark next to the criterion that is represented by the observed behavior * can be used for diagnostic purposes and for tracking change

Designed to answer the following questions:

1. Does the student act this way or not?
2. Does the student or the student’s product exhibit this characteristic or not? 3. Does the student demonstrate this skill or not?
Rating Scale
Are similar to checklists but differ in that they allow the observer to judge performance along a continuum rather than as a dichotomy.

Come in three types:
* Numerical
* Graphic
* Descriptive

Designed to determine:
* to what degree?
* how often does this student act this way?
* exhibit this characteristic?
* demonstrate this skill?


* Rubrics are clear sets of expectations or criteria used to help teachers and students focus on what is valued in a subject, activity, topic… * A category describes a student’s performance as closely as possible, but not completely describes overall performance because...
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