Recording Data in an Organisation

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Recording, analysing and using HR information.

Activity 1

Why does an organisation need to collect HR data?

Collecting HR data both a legal obligation and beneficial to any organisation. It is an important administrative duty no matter how large or small an organisation is. HR data when kept up to date is a very useful management tool.

HR data collection for employees is essential in order to make sure that an organisation in complying with certain laws i.e. pay roll in order to meet HM and custom requirements and accidents in the accident report book to meet health and safety requirements. If an organisation did not have up to date records on these then this could lead to serious consequences for the organisation if challenged. These records also provide statistically information which the organisation can look at and analyse to improve working conditions and thus improve the organisation.

Benefits to the organisation are that strategic planners can be provided and this will enable managers to make good quality decisions about people. Also by keeping training and performance records on employees this will enable them to assess individual productivity and performance thus giving the chance for employee advancement and thus adding more skilled people to the organisations workforce.

Types of data collected

A personal history is kept on all employees from the minute they join the organisation which contains a vast array of data. In AXA each individual ahs their own file which can only be accessed by those in management or by the individual themselves.

Data kept on staff turnover is vital for any organisation to succeed. If an organisation were unable to look at statistical information regarding this then they may never know that there is a problem in the first place. By having this information readily to hand to problem if there is one can be addressed more quickly. Management would look at the data collected i.e. exit interviews and see if there were any trends that showed why staff turnover was so high and thus implements a plan to change and improve working conditions enabling them to hold on to the staff that they have. It cost a lot of time and money to recruit and train new staff so this would benefit the organisation greatly.

By keeping learning and development records on employees this enables managers to know how up to date their staff are on the product that they selling and service that is being provided. also when looking at individual performance these records can outline were an employee may need a little extra training or even refresher training to help with their performance. In regards to budgeting for these training sessions if a group of staff needing the same training can be given together rather than individually this would reduce costs. In AXA customers are called and asked to rate the service they were provided from 1 – 10. This score also helps identify training / customer service issues.

Methods of storing records.

Computerised systems are becoming more increasingly used within orgainisations. They provide current and accurate data which helps improve HR’s ability to monitor what goes on with in a business from payroll, to benefits and performance. These are secure systems that only certain managers can access by password.


• Are time effective, give immediate responses to required information • Can combine and reconfigure data and give more information thus enable better decision making • Can provide guidance and insurance that information is readily available if requires by law


• If data is not kept up to date then the system is of no use and will give the wrong information. It is essential that it well maintained • Initial and annual costs may be high for this. Also taking into consideration technical support

Another method of record keeping is the manual filing system such as original...
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