Recording, Analysing and Is Hr Info

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Hi Vicky
Really hope that you feel better after getting that out of your head and across to me - I hope I can reassure you a bit about some of the things and you can realx properly over the next week!  
I will treat sorting this out as highest priority and make sure that everything is in place. I agree that it would be good to set them a presentation and do the exercise. I'll sort that all out on Monday and make sure that all the paperwork etc is prepared and sent to Richard as well.  

I share some of your concerns and I think the main thing is that yesterday's meeting is really only the start, especially for areas like the Soils campaign and the discussion on thresholds. We need to have a proper meeting just about each of those things and make sure that what we are planning over the next 3 years in right, high priority and achievable. In terms of the KT budget, I will follow up the discussion with Anna and Laura to make sure that there is some flexibility and capacity to cover things that we didn't discuss yesterday. One of the things that was clear to me though was that we will almost certainly be using the web more as a way of presenting our messages, in conjunction with press releases and e-shots etc and that will give us a relatively cheap and flexible way to do some things and potentially the capacity to do a lot more than we have in the past. We must continue to do some events though and I know that Anna will be including provision for this in her budget.  

This is a worry - I will give Hannah a call on Monday and get her perspective before I raise anything with Clare....  
I wanted to have very brief 1:1s with everybody in the team because after the upheaval of the restructuring I am aware that some people are dealing with it better than others and there are quite a few little issue emerging that I want to keep track of. I don't think any of them should be much more than half an hour and I won't go into any detail about work objectives etc. It's just to make sure that i am not missing anything...  

Caroline - I thought she looked upset on friday - I will keep an eye...  
James - I have been really pleased with the way he has responded - I hope he's turned a bit of a corner...  
Richard - was on good form on Thursday - will make sure the card is circulated next week...  
Hope you have a lovely break and wedding anniversary and are able to switch off for a bit. I will make sure that I feedback on all these things when you get back - even if it's just by e-mail...  

From: Vicky Foster
Sent: 05 February 2011 10:52
To: Susannah Bolton
Subject: just a few thoughts.......

Hi Susannah,
I just need to empty my head of a few things before I go away that we haven't had chance to chat about yet, some are just my thoughts and others requires a bit of action - I just ran out of time for this week.  I was having a panic at 3am this morning as I realized the Monday I get back I'm in London all day, Tuesday I'm chairing Newark and Wednesday I'm interviewing!  

We haven't discussed the format - are they going to give a presentation or exercise? You will need to let Alex know so she can inform them.  I think the presentation is a good way to see how they interpret and communicate information.  Is the exercise we did for the restructure still relevant? if so could Anne-Marie prepare the paperwork for it - we will also need another room if we do this.  Can you also please ask Alex to find us an interview room for both days, she may have done this but I haven't spoken to her about it yet.  I'm not going to be able to speak to Richard before the interview so I'll drop him an email to think of some relevant non-food questions but any other information you collate for the Tuesday interviews e.g. assessment sheets could you please send them to Richard.  

KT for 11/12 
I'm worried that the 11/12 plan we discussed yesterday is so rigid it doesn't allow...
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