Record Tracking System

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Record Tracking System

By | November 2012
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Record Tracking System

I. What is your project all about?

Record Tracking System will be about tracking ones identity. With the use of an Identity Card, it has reference number of a certain person who is an immigrant or non – immigrant here in the Philippines. Thru this, we can verify certain things using a record tracking system. We can use the Identity Card in Immigration, hospitals, police stations but it is not applicable to government and other institutions.

II. What are the capabilities and functionalities of the project?

ID Card is mandatory for all citizen and legal residence 15 years and above •Identification and Verification as per International Standards •Protect individuals’ identity
Can be used to access Secure eServices
Provides Identity Information
Stores many ID applications in future
Portable personal database

II. Scope (coverage) & Delimitation (can and cannot be done)

The Identity Card provides many features some of which are related to the identity type, method of manufacturing, etc., with other features related to its components and contents which guarantee the highest security levels for the data included therein.

III. Who are your target stake holders / Beneficiaries

The targets here are those immigrants and non – immigrants here in the Philippines.

IV. What will be the importance of that study to your stake holders (Importance, Significance, etc.)

The importance of public interest regarding the Identity Card using Record Tracking System and its executive regulation, the Identity Card holder should:
Not tamper with, erase, amend or distort the Identity Card •Carry the Identity Card at all times and produce it whenever required by law •Abide by the dates and legal procedures required for renewing, replacing or delivering the Identity Card •Apply for a replacement for the damaged or lost card and pay proper fees in addition to submitting a declaration that the...

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