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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Research Design and Methodology
This chapter presented the sequential methods followed by the researchers in the entire study. It included the research design, determination of sample size, sampling design and techniques, the subjects / respondents, research instruments, validation of the research instrument, data gathering procedure, data gathering methods and Statistical Treatment.

Research Design
Applied research design was used in the study Electronic Record System in the College of Technical Studies.
The descriptive method was employed in the study because the researchers had described that it was the most appropriate method to be used in order to identify what record system could be carried out for the College of Technical Studies. Descriptive research was a type of research that was mainly concerned with describing the nature or condition and the degree in detail of the present situation and explored the cause/s of particular a phenomenon.  Since the study was concerned about Electronic Record System for the College of Technical Studies students wherein the researchers studied and described the present situation of the College of Technical Studies. In relation to this, the researchers tried to figure out the problems encountered by the students and personnel so as to lessen these problems and the causes of this phenomenon.

Population and Locale of the Study
Sample size referred to the specific size of the group or groups being studied in the study. The intended sample size was the number of participants planned to be included in the study. Sample size was adequate to provide a high probability of detecting significant size of a given magnitude. The students of the College of Technical Studies had a population of 178 which was composed of 99 students from Automotive Servicing NCII, 47 students from Consumer Electronics Servicing NCII and 32 students from Building Wiring Installation. The researchers determined the sample size of...
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