Record Organization

Topics: Patient, Computer file, Physician Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: November 23, 2012
All sizes of facilities seem to have a few similarities and differences in how a facility handles loose reports. In reviewing our compiled data I noticed that most of the facilities prefer that their loose records are permanently anchored in the patient’s charts. Permanently anchoring files in patients charts can avoid files being misplaced or lost. The way files are organized depends on each facility policies. In the information the most popular form of organization seems to be chronological. While others file by personal information, doctors’ orders, medications, then legal information. In reviewing the data from the interviews, I noticed there were some similarities and differences in how a patient’s file is handled. Small facilities seem to use paper files and all reports are filed within the patient’s main record immediately. This prevents reports from getting lost, and they are easier to locate. All medium and large facilities are more likely to use electronic files rather than paper files. With electronic files everything gets filed in the patient’s main file immediately. Using electronic files also eliminates the risk of misplacing files. It seems the smaller facilities use paper files because the electronic system may be too costly for them. In conclusion, how patient’s files are filed and how they are taken care of within a small, medium, or large facility depend on the preference of that facility. Even though there are some similarities and differences they all take care in the organization of how their files are filed whether it is paper or electronic.
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