Record Management System

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Wyoming State Archives Division of Cultural Resources Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources

August 2009

Introduction Records Retention Schedules: How Schedules Are Established Electronic Records General Schedules State Records Center: Purpose and Ownership of Records Active Record Systems Transfer of Records to the State Records Center Transfer of Records Scheduled for Microfilming Records Research and Retrieval Destruction of Records Timetable Archives and Historical Research: Transferring Permanent Records Evaluating Records for Historical Value Management of Records Scheduled for Permanent Retention Archival Appraisal Criteria Microfilming the Records: Document Preparation In-House Micrographic System Electronic Document Imaging Definitions 17 19 19 20 12 13 13 16 6 6 8 9 10 10 11 1 2 3 i

August 2009

Records play a vital role in the overall operation of state government activities. They serve as an organization's memory, as a record of past events, and as a basis for future actions. No government activity can be accomplished with out the documented evidence contained in the records. By applying the principles of records and information management (RIM), we strive to assure this role is fulfilled. Wyoming Statute 9-2-410 declares, "All public records are the property of the state. They shall be delivered by outgoing officials and employees to their successors and shall be preserved, stored, transferred, destroyed or disposed of, and otherwise managed, only in accordance with W.S. 9-2-405 through 9-2-413." The Records Management Unit of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources is founded on the law as cited. The unit's goals, functions, and services to governmental agencies and to the public come directly from the law and, because of the law, the unit is involved in all aspects of managing Wyoming's public records. The six goals of the Records Management Unit are: 1. Publicize and promote sound RIM practices at all levels of government, thereby reducing tax dollar operating costs. 2. Establish records retention schedules that allow for the legal destruction or permanent retention of paper records, electronic media, and microfilm, as authorized by the State Records Committee. 3. Manage a State Records Center for the storage of inactive and semi-active state records. 4. Provide expertise to all levels of government about image systems, equipment, and supplies, to ensure that any systems installed are economically feasible and justifiable, and that uniform quality standards are followed. 5. Organize and participate in training programs that give instruction in the philosophy, methodology and implementation of RIM programs. 6. Maintain a high level of expertise by keeping informed of the latest developments in the RIM field and throughout industry by attending seminars, equipment exhibitions, and professional meetings. These goals translate into services for your agency, and all of state government, in the management of public records. This manual has been prepared to inform you of the RIM services available and with the sincere hope that you make full use of them. The services we will discuss are: records retention schedules, functions of the State Records Center, and destruction of records, archival preservation, and microfilming of records. These services are provided at no cost to your agency, and have been designed to give all state governmental agencies an efficient and cost effective way to manage the large volume of public records created by the State of Wyoming. There are other services of the Archives and Historical Research, Technical Services, and Records Management units that operate within the Wyoming State Archives, but are not mentioned in this manual. Our trained and expert staff is always ready to assist you and to help you solve problems that may arise. Please feel free to call us! -i-

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