Record Keeping System

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Keliste Bookkeeping Services attends to various business sector’s accounting and bookkeeping needs by providing outsourced services to accommodate their customers. Presently, they are still using manual record keeping system using paper files stored in folders. Consequently, their task becomes time consuming whenever they want to update, search, or locate certain documents.

A recordkeeping system is a document management solution system in which records are collected, organized, and categorized to facilitate their preservation, retrieval, use, and disposition may be either a distinct system designed specifically to provide recordkeeping functionality or part of another system. It is an automated recordkeeping system that comprises an application program which provides recordkeeping functionality, data and metadata needed for management of the records controlled by the system, and any electronic records managed by the system. This system also ensures their preservation for evidential purposes, accurate and efficient updating, timely availability, and control of accessonly by authorized personnel.



The purpose why the said establishment was chosen to be the recipient of the study is because the students have seen the need to enhance their method in keeping the pertinent records of their clients. Thus, choosing to make a recordkeeping system became the attempt to resolve the dilemma. The proposed will attempt to make the task of recording, retrieval, updating and organizing the important documents promptly than their present situation. This will also notify the responsible individuals of the tasks that require immediate attention.


The record keeping system concentrates on managing relevant information of the company’s clients and storing them in an automated repository. This involves adding new data, updating out-dated information, and deleting erroneous records. The system will allow new clients to fill up their personal and business information using the client default account. The administrator will be allowed to add, change, delete and search all the accounts and calculate financial records if necessary.

However, this system is not connected online, so whenever you key in the information, it must be done using the workstations at the office. Only the administration can access the records of their clients.


* To create a system that will store clients’ information. * To produce a system that computes tax declarations and withholding tax of the company’s customers. * To make a system that will record and store personal and business information from the clients. * To meet the expectations of the respondents.

* To help the company in refining their services through the use of the proposed system. * To lessen the amount of time spent in searching for the pertinent information to be used in a transaction.


Information System (IS) plays a big role in an organization. Information system allows the organization to collect personal details about their clients. IS offers competitive advantage and services to further business objectives. The information system is a range of managerial, tactical and operational activities involved in the gathering, processing, storing, distributing and use of information, and its associated technologies in society and organizations. Using information systems hastens business processes involved in an establishment and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the business as a whole.


Keliste Bookkeeping Services offers services includes all four stages of accounting processes starting from recording financial transactions in the books of business, classifying the transactions into meaningful and orderly types,...
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