Reconstruction Frq

Topics: Reconstruction era of the United States, American Civil War, Slavery Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Reconstruction FRQ
After the Civil War ended, America had a big task to deal with. There was devastation throughout the nation. The Reconstruction Era started, and the process of repairing the Union went underway. Newly freed slaves had to begin the process of adapting to society and making it on their own. They had some successes, but ultimately Reconstruction was a failure to African Americans. Reconstruction (1865-1877) failed to bring social and economic equality of opportunity to former American slaves due to supremacist groups who, along with most Southern whites, pushed for black codes to be passed which demoralized and limited African Americans rights, and forced them into falling back into slave like tendencies.

Some Southern whites were so embittered about their former slaves being free in society, that they turned to joining secret organizations that aimed to demoralize, scare, and terrorize freedmen. Many whites were resentful of the success and ability of black legislators as much as they were resentful for the corrupted souls pouring into the south. To deal with this resentment, secret groups like the KKK emerged. The KKK used tomfoolery, and violent force to prevent freedmen from voting. Many times they flogged, mutilated, or murdered freedmen to strike fear into those who knew and heard about the poor unfortunate soul who was tortured. The KKK would sometimes go on sprees of violence and leave hundreds of victims behind trembling or dead. This group, as well as others, was extreme racists who would stop at nothing to hurt freedmen. They even attacked helpless women and children, who were defenseless against the brute force of the white men. When Congress finally intervened, Supremacist groups had already done its work of intimidation. Many groups, including the KKK, continued their violent practices against the law and where rarely punished in court. Supremacist groups made an everlasting mark in preventing social and economic equality of...
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