Reconstructing Essay Outline

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Reconstructing Essay Outline
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Reconstructing the Lost Tribe
I. Introduction
A. It is reported that the archaeologist who named Heinrach Schliemann found a previously unknown, lost tribe. B. Heinrach Schliemann is the archaeologist who graduated from the Rostock University. He found several historical sites around the world. C. After observing the characteristics about the society’s language of this tribe for a while, there is a harmonious tribe because of the natural environment, belief of peaceful coexistence, and unsophisticated folkways. II. Key point: The first evidence to demonstrate that this tribe is harmonious is the natural environment. A. “Three words for terrain, designating absolutely flat, rolling, and slightly hill.” It tells that the environment so stable that people can live well in there. III. Key point: The second evidence to prove that this tribe is harmonious is that the people have the belief of peaceful coexistence. A. “Terms for praise translate as peacemaker and conciliator.” B. “No words for violent conflict or war.” It shows that this tribe, though a small one, is working for the realization of peaceful coexistence with all the nations. IV. Counterargument: It is considered that this tribe is not harmonious due to the attitude towards the senior individuals. A. “Seven terms to describe the stages of life up to puberty; only one term to describe life from puberty to death.” It says that the young people do not pay more attention to the old human. V. Key point: The unsophisticated folkways are the most powerful forms of evidence to be testified that this tribe is harmonious. A. “Dozens of terms for grains, including eight for wheat alone.” It shows the farmers hope in good faith interpretation of optimism in order to continue the ancient. B. “Several words for children, some of which translate as ‘wise small one,’ ‘innocent leader,’ and ‘little stargazer.’ ” It says that the people of this land love and take good...
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