Reconciliation Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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There have been many initiatives and processes in support of the Aboriginal Spirituality and its approach to Reconciliation. The most predominant tradition through its campaigns and movements in asserting the Aboriginals is the Christian religious tradition. This can be seen through the ongoing support, the ACC, the media, protests and the formal apology for the abuse through the missionaries. This is highly effective as it recognises the wrongfulness and asserts the positivity in the process of Reconciliation. Interfaith initiatives have also been effective to a moderate extent through the Week of Prayer and the statements of both the Buddhist and Islamic communities.

The Christian groups effectively maintained and highlighted a positive relationship in efforts of Reconciliation with the Aboriginals and in recognizing the significance of kinship, the dreaming and the spiritual connection to the land. This is evident in 1967 when the Catholic Church and representatives of the Australian Council of Churches were amongst the most prominent leaders of the campaign for the referendum to grant Aboriginal Australians citizenship, this highlights the support conveyed by the Christian groups and thus signifies on the effectiveness of the Christian group in the process of Reconciliation.

Correspondingly in 1975 various church groups supported and applauded the passing of the first land rights legislation by the Whitlam Government. In 1992 many church groups publicly welcomed the Mabo decision. Conservative political factions and various media groups began a fear campaign, churches made strong statements affirming that the Mabo decision was just, conveying to a high extent the assertion the Christian groups emphasises to the Aboriginals and the positive relationship between the Christian groups and the indigenous Australians in the process of Reconciliation.

Through the land rights movement (Wik decision, Mabo and Native title) the Christian community...
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