Recommerce in France

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  C O N S U M E R
  B E H A V I O R




The notion of recommerce or reverse commerce shows the salvage of used goods between two distinct entities. Martin Tobias has recently introduced this notion. This does not only concern salvaged products from particular but also refers to end-of-life products consume by a companies. The recommerce allows the product lengthening and the reduction of raw material consumption. This activity respect the “3Rs” established by the European Union: recycling, reemployment and reduce waste. This is becoming a new trend all around the world since 2000 because of environment care and the financial crisis. The development of the Web 2.0 and new technologies advancement has permitted consumer exchange, which means in other words recommerce. My study focuses on the French market. How and when French consumer have been introduced to recommerce. French people are often refracted to everything that is new in a sense that it’s hard for them to change their behavior. But in the case of recommerce France appears to be one of the most advanced country. In this case study I decided to focus on the B2C aspect of the recommerce. Why? In order to be as precise as it can be because recommerce is a very large subject starting with frippery stores and ending with the giant EBAY platform.



  The new trend for (re)commerce appears to be something new. In fact this exist from ages. During the prehistorically time people were exchanging and using swap as currency. As we are taking into account the French market let’s talk about the “braderie de lille” which first took place in 1 127 (after JC). People there are selling and buying second-hand product. But what exactly is pushing the (re)commerce up nowadays? According trendwatching.com1 there are three main reasons for that: Consumers will always look forward testing new promising trends The consumer thrifty and responsible (for the environment) status is becoming more and more significant Consumers that run out of money are adopting new creative solutions Two main points are standing out. The first one is about money. When people can’t afford to buy new stuff they have to pivot their current behavior and adapt it to the situation. Since the financial crisis that appears in 2007 we are observing a booming for (re)commerce. The second one is about environment care. Since people cares about global warming they are much more interested about what are they buying and the impact that their own behavior have on the environment. Another very important thing, which is not mentioned in the study, is the planned obsolescence of products that have been used by companies to make people buy more. Since this appears clear in the customer mind, they feel betrayed and want to change things. One little example to illustrate my thinking: one of the first light bulb ever made is still working today so why do we (as consumer) have to change it (light bulb) each 12 month? This is one of the main issues for the French Consumption Minister, Benoit HAMON who says in an interview given to “60 millions de consommateurs”2 that we will fight against planned obsolescence which will benefits to recommerce.

  1 is an independent company that is analyzing new trends  ...
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