Recommended Proposal Outline

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Recommended Proposal Outline in WEB PROGRAMMING

Reminders: Double space / New page each chapter / Title Page / Generated Table of contents / Page Number / Font face: Times New Roman / Font size: 12

Title Page
Abstract (this section should be a concise summary of the entire project) Company Profile
Proposed Solution(s)
Activity Plan

Table of Contents


1.1 Overview of the Project
This chapter describes what your project is all about. State the client, the purpose of the website, etc.

1.2 Rationale of the Project
This chapter should be a valid justification for doing the project

3. Significance of the Project
This chapter explains properly the importance of the project


2.1 Objectives of the Project

2.1.1 General Objective
This chapter should be clear, measurable and attainable

2.1.2 Specific Objectives
This chapter should be clear, measurable and attainable and should support the general objectives

2.2 Scope and Limitation of the Project
This chapter should contribute in clarifying the objectives of the project

This chapter should describe well the activities chosen by the group in order to meet the objectives and the activities should be appropriate for the given objective. Describe step by step the activities of the group in designing the website. Such as: Data Gathering, Web Site Planning, Web Site Layout and Design.

4. Appendices

Appendix 4.1Company Profile
Appendix 4.2Site Location
Appendix 4.3Letter
Appendix 4.4 Transcript of Interview
Appendix 4.5Gantt Chart
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