Recommended Policies to Achieve a Sustainable Society

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Recommended Policies to Achieve a Sustainable Society
Shantel Morn
Everest University Orlando South Online
February 6, 2013
Week 4

Italy has been faced with fact that they are the second country with the lowest birth rate next to Spain. There are multiple recommendations that may be done in order to keep Italy up and running. One recommendation would be Italy may want to look at why France and Ireland have a high rate of child birth to help keep them up and running in the game of population. Other countries like France and Ireland give their people benefits for having children. Italy may want to take a look into bribing their people into having children. Maybe Italy should offer funding for health care, child care, and also offering higher incentives to families with more than one child. Italy’s incentive rate right now for a woman giving birth to a second child is only 1000 Euros. Italy should offer their people these benefits in order to help Italy’s low birth rate, here are the reasons why.

Italy is the second country that has the lowest birth rate in the nation, with only one child per female. One might recommend that Italy might want to look into France and Ireland because they have the second highest birth rate in Europe. If Italy looks into France they might find out in that country they actually pay families for having children (Dillinaco, 2004-2008). In French families are entitled to up to three years paid maternity leave with a guarantee that mom's job will be there for her when she returns. If Italy does that maybe the woman there wouldn’t be so scared on having children. Their burden of having to find a new job after giving birth or if their job will still be there will be lifted off their shoulders. A new law provides greater maternity leave benefits, tax credits and other incentives for families who have a third child. During a year-long leave after the birth of the third child, mothers will...
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