Recommendations to Reduce Starbucks's Customer Dissatisfaction

Topics: Coffee roasting, Coffee, Drink Pages: 5 (1561 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Date: 28 June 2012
To: Ms Lee Yun Yee, Store Manager
From: Mr Lim Ming Hui, Shift Supervisor

1.0 Introduction
I am submitting this report describing the approaches to enhance customer satisfaction with the services provided at our outlet which is located at KL Plaza, Bukit Bintang as you request. This report concerns the most recently observed feedback obtained from our official website, online community website, Facebook and Twitter. The feedback has revealed the noticeable declining of service quality in our outlet. Therefore, this report suggests some viable strategies that Starlights can implement in order to solve the problems brought forward by our customers during their visits to our outlet.

2.0 Background
The mission statement of Starlights is to inspire and nurture the human spirit with one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time. However, the drop in the service quality has contravened with our mission statement. Recently, our outlet has received up to 45 cases related complaints about our services and products within three months. These complaints have caused our sales to decline by 12 percent over the past six months. Hence, changes are needed and this report explores the alternatives for improving the overall performance of our outlet.

3.0 Problems
From our investigation, we discovered that most of the customers complained about their poor experience of waiting in long queue during their visit to our outlet. They always had to wait in long queue for their drinks especially during peak hours. They claimed that their waiting time had increased from 15 minutes to 25 minutes in the previous month. Sometimes, there were around 20 people in the line causing the line to stretch out the door.

In addition, customers were not satisfied with the quality of our coffee which was over roasted. Some of them criticized that most of the coffee tasted burnt and bitter or even worse, the coffee was too watery tasting that they could barely taste the coffee. They might have queued up for a long time but resulted in getting low quality coffee.

Furthermore, some customers pointed out that they were severely disappointed in their visit to our outlet. Some of them claimed that they failed to connect to the free WiFi and some complained that the connection of WiFi was slow even though there were only few customers in our outlet. Due to the inconvenience caused, customers have filed complaints saying that our outlet should have been checked the access and reliability of WiFi facility before putting up “Free WiFi Available” sign.

4.0 Findings
4.1 Rules of Starlights that Restrict Baristas in Preparing Coffee Recently, our company, Starlights is implementing a strategy to limit the baristas to handle only two drinks at a time which slows down the preparation process. Our company has established a rule to grind the coffee beans fresh for each time a new pot is brewed instead of grinding the beans at the beginning of the day. Besides, our baristas are allowed to begin the next drinks only after the previous drink is processed. These restrictions aim to maintain the quality of our coffee but have increased the preparation time. As our company adheres strictly to this rule, customers will have to wait longer for their drinks and causes the lines stretch out the door.

4.2 Lack of Skillful and Experienced Baristas
The process of roasting the coffee beans correctly requires skills and dedication of baristas. Our company chooses to roast coffee beans a few minutes longer to bring out stronger taste and unique flavour. The goal is to create a darker and flavourful coffee but not taste burnt. However, this process requires experience and the control of timing which most of our new baristas fail to master. Hence, this has resulted in the problem of over roasted coffee. Moreover, high employee turnover rate is also an essential...
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