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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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The recommendations that we are conducting to address these central marketing issues as well as attracting consumers to use Kinect Boutique in Australian market is a advertising-pod as a promotional campaign cooperated with retailer Westfield. In addition, advertisements in print magazines (e.g Vogue, GQ) are applied for the Kinect Boutique marketing strategy. Advertising pod

The campaign’s name is called ‘It’s a Kinect Boutique’. This campaign is a display pod devised Kinect sensors storefront to create, capture and share Kinect Boutique using experience for our consumers. The Kinect Boutique will form a partnership with Westfield. There is a presenter to show guests how to use Kinect on a Prezi presentation. Every guest will be given an opportunity to physically interact with Kinect Boutique. They also can buy those clothes which they selected by using the Kinect Boutique. Meanwhile, Kinect sensor consoles are available for sale because with the Kinect Boutique consumer can conveniently shop online at home. Consumers would no longer fear that their purchase won’t be suitable when it arrives. The campaign is aim to increase awareness of the Kinect Boutique and its capabilities. Print Magazine Advertisement

As well as the advertising pod, to target both men and women we will put Kinect Boutique advertisement in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. The advertisement aims to attract group with disposable income, and an interest in fashion. Key features and benefits will be simply listed on the page. Audiences are free to access more information about Kinect Boutique by visiting the Kinect Boutique Homepage ( which is also shown on the advertising page. For the consumers’ convenience, an additional purchase order form for Kinect will be available in the magazine. To sustain these recommendations, there are a variety of reasons that are systematically reflected on the marketing theories. They are...
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