Recommendation on How to Teach

Topics: Psychology, Motivation, Education Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Situation: When I was teaching English in Japan, I often had students who learned faster than others did just by participating in class. As part of my own experiment, I decided to peacefully force my shy students to participate more. This made my class the most wanted in the Japanese institute.

Recommendation #1: Have students participate more in class.

Statement: It is well known that students who have hands on approach or are active on any given subject tend to remember and learn things more clearly. As Confucius said, "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; but directly involve me, and I'll make it my own."


1.student performance during class discussions can be improved if the instruct or develops consistent and articulable standards for assessing classroom participation, According to Jacobs and Chase (1992), weighing student behaviors into a course grade “contaminate the grade as a measure of achievement of the course objectives” (p. 195). Jacobs and Chase identify several reasons for not grading class participation: professors generally don’t provide instruction on how to improve participation; interpretation of student behavior is difficult and subjective; participation often depends on a student’s personality thus disadvantaging shy or introverted students; record-keeping is problematic: participation scores for a given individual are hard to justify if challenged.

2.Anderson (2009, p. 63) Psychologists have proposed that there are serial bottlenecks in human information processing, points at which it is no longer possible to continue processing everything in parallel. In my example, I mention a simple game exercise where students will focus only on two tasks; thinking about what they like and choosing either a new taste from other student or their primary interest. In an era of multi-tasking, is often forgotten how students should be taught. Anderson (2009, p.64) mentions wherever there is a bottleneck; our...
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