Recommendation of a Management Information System to a Company

Topics: Marketing, Decision theory, Information systems Pages: 9 (2094 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Introduction to the organization and the present situation:

Matrix Institute of Information Technology is a private limited company established in the first quarter of 2006. Its main business is providing higher educational services in Information and Communicational Technology sector. At the inception of the company there were four employees but now it has more than 30 employees working in two branches in Colombo & Matara.

Structure of the organization

Matrix Institute has a comparatively flat organization structure.


Product portfolio
• BIT (Bachelor of information technology)
• BCS (British Computer Society)
• ACS (Australian computer society)
• SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
• FIT (foundation of Information Technology)

Target market segments

• School Children
• School leavers ( after A/L, O/L)
• University Students
• Working professionals


• IDM – Market Leader
• ESoft - Market Challenger

Current processes:

As the core activity of Matrix is providing higher educational services, the main process is conducting lectures. Even though the lectures play the top most roles in the organization the marketing team, the front office and student counsellors play a vital role to get new students enrolled in the organization. Currently all other processes of the organization, are carried out effectively and efficiently, but it was found that process of inquiry handling, has some issues due to the inefficiency of process.

All the customer inquiries are first handled by the receptionist and those are further followed by the student counsellors. After handling an inquiry receptionist takes down the contact and other details of the prospect manually, and those details are given to the student counsellors to follow them up. Student counsellors are responsible to keep manual records of their work clearly. Their performance is measured by the number of inquiries handled and registered students.

Also these records are been used by the marketing team in order to measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and to anticipate and plan their future marketing activities.

Specifications the required information system:

Since Matrix is at a growing stage the amount of student inquires they receive per day is being increased gradually. They don’t maintain a proper Data management system in order to support the decision making at the bottom level, middle level as well as the top level. All the Customer inquiries are being taken down manually. There by it consumes certain amount of time and since matrix has only three student counsellors and the amount of inquires are at a higher level most of the vital information tend to be missing and the inefficiency level of inquiry management increases day by day. When student counsellors follow up the customer inquires they sometimes speak to the same customer leading to customer dissatisfaction. No individual would want an educational institute calling them over & over to promote their products. Since Matrix is planning on expanding the business they have focused on marketing aspects lately. They have hired couple of marketing executives in order to handle promotions, advertising and other marketing activities and they have allocated a considerable amount of money on them. Since the marketing activities incur higher cost matrix has the requirement of measuring and the evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activates. Therefore they need a proper information system in order to measure the effectiveness and to evaluate the efforts of student counsellors.

Ex- Matrix is been advertising on radio about their products and total response of this advertising campaign is been measured by the number of inquires that are been received. Therefore without a proper data management system it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of...
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