Recommendation Letter

Topics: Investment, Sales, Digital gold currency Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Recommendation Letter
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ***. I am the Sales Manager in the Transaction Department of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE thereafter). SGE was approved by the State Council and founded by the People's Bank of China, possessing the largest influence on the gold market in China. Si Shen was an intern in SGE as my assistant. It was delightful news that *** would like to pursue her further study at your university. I strongly recommend her to you.

Si began her internship in SGE in summer 2009. She was responsible for assisting me in supervising the whole marketing team to maintain the existing market and develop new ones. Specifically, she followed up programs, and gave feedback to both the team and me. She presented very good performance and attitude through the whole internship. For example, I appreciated her differentiation of the demand between high-end and low-end companies, and also her innovation of creating a one-to-many audio communication way with customers.

I witnessed her great efforts in making progress. At the beginning, she was not so familiar with the business, and the new environment was quite challenging for her because the marketing team was highly proficient and experienced. However, from the detailed daily reports he handed to me, I could see her efforts and progress in adapting to the quick pace of the environment and the challenging work. She would communicate with me or colleagues when she had questions, from which she was learning. I appreciated that she always asked questions in the right time without disturbing others and at the same time made convenience for herself.

From my observation, when she knew more about the business, she put more initiative into the work. For example, she proposed to add more functions to the customer management database, which improved the efficiency of customer information maintenance and tracking. She maintained customer files in order, and paid return visits to...
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