Recommendation for Asus Zenbook

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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1. Providing good customer services is essential
Nowadays consumers have high demand not only on the product’s quality, but also on the quality of a company’s customer service. A company’s reputation is as good as the customer service provided and it would tremendously affect a company’s reputation and standing on a specific field and hence companies should not neglect the necessity of providing world class customer services especially like ASUS company which is an emerging leader in the Asia’s pc and laptop nations. Cases were seen in Malaysia like customer complain to ASUS Taiwan when facing problems with faulty screen and being charged for the repair. He requested for a free charging as faulty screen is believed to be the manufacture’s defect, more he also encountered problems since the day he bought that product. Asus Taiwan Service Center had transfer his case to KL Service Center, Malaysia. Calls and emails to managers were made, but none reply for more than 2 weeks. Is this the way ASUS should handle their customers? Consumers encounter experiences with company and what people hear from the words of mouth will influence their perception and likelihood to purchase that specific company’s products. Such as Apple, still ranked No.1 in the Tech Support Showdown and top in the Best and Worst Brand Reports, it’s hard to beat Apple’s customer service.

2. Improving sensitivity of Zenbook Trackpad
The ASUS Zenbook version of UX32VD still have problems of annoying trackpad making it seems like having a muted sensitivity and failure multitouch gestures. Users commented to feel jumpy when using and sometimes under-responsive. This problem was first encountered in the previous model of Zenbook UX31 and still ASUS have not make reasonable improvements on the later model. However, ASUS supply an updated touch-pad driver package via ASUS Live Update which is believed to help relieve this frustrating problem encountered by the Zenbook users. The quality of the...
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