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Recommendation to Implement a Computer Recycling Program
At Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Prepared for: Stephanie Dekel

Prepared by: Don Bennett

May 10, 2013

Recommendation to Implement a Computer Recycling Program
At Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Prepared by: Don Bennett

You don’t have to be a techie to know that computers have become as fundamental to your business as a telephone. And if you think back a few years, I’ll bet you can’t imagine using that old computer equipment to do the work that you are doing today. My guess is that if you are like most organizations, when you’ve upgraded your equipment you’ve found a place to store the old stuff, because you know that just putting it in the trash isn’t a good or very responsible idea. So I’m guessing that a storage closet, a basement or store room is where I could find one or more hardware devices that you no longer use (and never will again) just gathering dust. How do I know you won’t ever use them? Because technology has advanced at a rate that you wouldn’t even consider the time and trouble it would take to operate that old equipment. And the stuff that you’ve been storing isn’t just worthless to you, but to almost every other business out there. In fact, it’s estimated that stored IT equipment loses six to 10 percent of its value each month. (Morgan, 2006) I have done extensive internet research about organizations that have implemented computer recycling programs and the benefits of those programs. In the fall of 2004, Lorain County Community College Professor Hikmat Chedid saw a gap in our world. “I had many students,” recalled Chedid, who teaches Computer Systems and Electronic Engineering Technology, “who didn’t have a computer at home to do their work on.” Chedid labeled this absence - “The Digital Divide.” This fall, their Computer Recycling Program completed its 14th phase of handing out computers, free, to qualified recipients. In the four years of the program’s existence, Chedid says they have handed out in excess of 1,600 computers. (LorainCCC, 2005) Lorain County Community College implemented a program that not only kept old computers out of landfills, but helped students who could not afford a computer the opportunity to have one. I recommend that Blue Ridge CTC implement a computer recycling program not only to benefit the environment, but also a program that will benefit less fortunate students. Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
At the beginning of this semester I was made aware of a need of a computer recycling program at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Currently Blue Ridge Community and Technical College has no recycling program for its used and outdated computer equipment. Due to the environmental impact that these computers have and also the space that they require for storage, a program to recycle these computers and equipment is long overdue.

I have done extensive research on the benefits of these types of recycling programs and I intend to show you how a computer recycling program will be beneficial to Blue Ridge, the community, and the environment.

The methods that I have used to come to my recommendation and conclusion are reading others...
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