Recomendation Letter

Topics: Financial adviser, Personality psychology, Finance Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 28, 2013
This is a recomendation letter for Madame Loisel. She is "applying" to a job that i believe fit her personality type.

Edward Jones
69 Rhoads Center Drive
Centerville, Ohio 45458
To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Mathilde Loisel for many years now. As an ex-coworker and dear friend, I have the pleasure to inform you of Mrs. Loisel’s ability to show her math, people, and persuasive skills which will make her a great personal financial advisor who will be dedicated to helping people get their finances back on track.

Mathilde would make a great personal financial advisor because of her great math skills. She is very persistent with anything she does. When Mrs. Loisel was in the face of danger dealing with her loss of pride in the form of a necklace, she spent her next ten years staying on budget, Mrs. Loisel experienced the horrible life the needy live. She played her part, however, with sudden heroism. That frightful debt had to be paid. She would pay it (Maupassant 227). She was successful at paying back everything she borrowed, “I brought you another just like it. And we’ve been paying for it for ten years now. You can imagine that wasn’t easy for us who had nothing. Well, it’s over now, and I am glad of it” (Maupassant 228) , which proves she has what it takes to be an effective personal financial advisor.

Mrs. Loisel is a very kind person with a caring soul. She would put her all into helping people. Because she knows what it feels like to be in her clients shoes, she would be a great person to help them. She has always been a positive person who dreams of the best, She would dream of great reception halls hung with old silks, of fine furniture filled with priceless curios, and of small stylish, scented sitting rooms just right for the four o'clock chat with intimate friends, with distinguished and sought-after men whose attention every woman envies and longs to attract (Maupassant 221), and even though she might not get it, she deals with...
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