Recognition of Prior Informal Learning

Topics: Emotion, Learning, Session Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Recognition of Prior Informal Learning
(Health & Social Care 4) 4

Re ective Exercise 2

Re ect on a work experience in which you have applied your learning from your life experience to your current Social Services practice. Experience: Describe the experience, what happened? In a supervision session I supported Jean, a care worker, who was finding it difficult to focus on her work because of difficulties she was experiencing at home. Although we had agreed an agenda for this meeting beforehand, when Jean came into the room she was very agitated and immediately raised the subject of her home situation. I felt that it would be impossible to progress with other issues until we had discussed this and looked at how it was affecting her. Although I appreciated myself that this was not a counselling but a work supervision situation, I was able to use some of the communication skills that I had gained on my counselling skills course to listen to Jean and enable her to reflect on how her situation was affecting her work. This was done through responding to her statements with a summary of what I understood her to have told me and through the use of open questions, focusing predominantly on how her situation was affecting her work. I also used empathy, was genuine in my approach and showed unconditional positive regard, all foundations of a helping relationship. In addition to this I advised that if she felt she needed help with her personal situation Jean should perhaps approach our HR department for assistance of a practical and/or counselling nature. We developed a plan of what steps she would take and she calmed down considerably, saying that it had helped a lot to get this off her chest and look at what steps she could take. She also had not realised how much her home situation had been affecting her work performance and the service users she was working with on a daily basis. After this we were able to return to the agenda of our supervision session to look at...
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