Recognise and Immediate Action to Deal with Any Bullying, Harassment or Oppressive Behaviour According to Thepolicies and Procedures of the Setting

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Unit 334 Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety Task 2
After looking at my schools health and safety policy the school makes reference’s to current legislation and complies with Leicester city council legislation. To show that we understand the health and safety policy and that we will comply with it we have to sign a document. So if we use a chair instead of a ladder to put up a display and fall off the chair and hurt yourself you can’t sue the school or HCC. Task 3

Case Study 1
This would be a good place to visit as some of the children have never been but there are concerns about health and safety and the risk of being in a big open space but to minimise the risk a risk assessment will be done. This will identify the hazards and the control measures to reduce the risk. You would discuss this as a year group to ensure that all staff understand their roles on the trip. A letter will be sent home with the children in your year group to get parental consent if the school doesn’t have a parent signature the child will not be allowed to go on the trip. This letter also has all the information the parents will need to know like places they will be visiting e.g. a museum, butterfly gardens. Also in the letter it will have information such as

1. date the trip will take place

2. What clothing and shoes the children will need to wear.

3. Arrangement for packed lunch and free school meals and what drinks are suitable to take

4. The cost of the trip if any

5. When the trip will return back to school.

They will be a slip at the bottom of the letter to return back to the school.

For all staff and governors going on the trip they will be given a timetable with what will be happen during the day at set times and where to meet. This will also have the focus of the day. There will be a group list with the timetable which has the name of all staff that are going on the trip and the children they will be looking after and any...
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