Recipe for a Persuasive Speech

Topics: Question, Sentence, Rhetorical question Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: October 14, 2011
Recipe for a persuasive speech
2 x bold statements
5 x rhetorical questions
3 x strong, justified arguments
3 x facts/examples to support each argument
1 x backed-up counterargument for opposing views
20 x emotionally triggering words (at least)
1 x statement to challenge the audience

1) Have a clear idea in your head of your opinion on the subject before you proceed in writing the speech. 2) Research to find examples to justify your opinion. An easy way to do this to use the internet, media, books (such as an encyclopaedia), magazines, newspapers or any other source. 3) Begin to plan your speech. Think of some emotive and descriptive words to use in your persuasive speech. 4) When beginning the first paragraph, make sure to capture the attention of your audience. In the first sentence, add a bold statement that leaves the listeners knowing exactly what your opinion is. The audience may not agree with it at first, but by the end, if you have written your speech well, your audience will have no doubt that what you are saying is true. 5) In the first paragraph, include a well-said rhetorical question to ensure that your audience is captivated and listening. Use around five (5) emotive words in this paragraph as well. 6) Do not add any facts in your introduction, as you will use them in your next paragraph. 7) Your next 3 paragraphs should be filled with at least 10 emotive words to make them feel something about your subject and to get them to feel the same as you. 8) In these three (3) paragraphs, give justifications, reasons, facts, statistics, etc. This gives your audience no chance for doubt, as they cannot argue with facts from reliable sources. Also, mix in about 3 rhetorical questions over the paragraphs. 9) A good way to make sure that your audience is in complete agreement with your opinion is to think of what a person, who does not agree with you, would say to oppose you. Think of the most...
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