Recipe: Best Steak Ever

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  • Published : February 4, 2008
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Throughout the country, the hearty image of the Old Western beef craze is something that is coming to pass again. After nearly a decade of vegetable based meals, the beef and steak image is being shrouded in the starched white jacket of accomplished chefs. Chefs seemed to have started the trend throughout the cities of New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, often targeting the very rich and celebrity dining clientele. With the shift in the dietary plane it seems that steaks are what on everyone's mind, and the celebrities are not different. Much of American heart land was founded and settled for the use of cattle and often for the production of beef. Through research and some celebrity chef interviews we are able to explore some of the new approaches being taken to revive an old American favorite. It is obvious that the steak house trend is nothing new to America and is something that has been growing within since the settlement days. After nearly of a decade of dietary advice that points away from the excessive use of meat and more towards supplementing with protein full vegetables, it is nice to explore the new celebrity approaches to an old American favorite. The first of the celebrity favorite restaurants to be explored are, of course, located in Los Angeles, California. Yamashiro Restaurant located in the prestigious Hollywood, CA, is one of the most popular restaurants in the Los Angeles area when it comes to celebrity guests. The Yamashiro Restaurant with a Cal-Asian cuisine puts a new spin on steak with an emphasis on roasted artichokes and Black Angus New York steak, Yamashiro Restaurant has accomplished a very unique take on the American tradition of the western steak. The Yamashiro Restaurant Executive Chef Jason S. Park has done great additions in adding an eastern taste to his steaks through the use of such culinary tactics as Ponzu-Worcestershire, Chipotle-Citrus Miso, and Asian BBQ dipping sauce. It is these new and unique techniques that have helped make Yamashiro Restaurant a frequent stopping place for many local celebrities within the Hollywood area. When writing about famous steaks, and recent additions and the culinary favorites of the celebrities, it is impossible not to mention the steaks of New York. One of the most popular steakhouses in the New York area is Wolfgang's Steakhouse. Being one of the most popular steakhouses in New York located directly on Park Avenue, Wolfgang's is a regular stopping place for the New York Elite. Wolfgang has made a habit of personally choosing all of the beef that is chosen for the Wolfgang restaurants. Wolfgang relies on longstanding relationships with some of the greatest New York beef and meat wholesalers. The true success of the Wolfgang steak houses does not rely on the amazing relationships between the restaurants and their respective suppliers, but rather by the unique taste that Wolfgang has been able to establish. The signature steak, the steak most often ordered by their elite clientele, is the Wolfgang porterhouse. Giving a unique taste through the use of mushrooms and a mushroom sauce, taking a more organic approach to the American favorite, Wolfgang is able to establish a unique porterhouse. Many people will recognize the Wolfgang porterhouse signature taste the first time they bite. This is possible because Wolfgang Zwiener had spent 41 years at the original Luger's in Williamsburg. Adding his own zest and zeal through the use of more organic flavoring Wolfgang was able to take an original American classic and improve it, helping to further the newly re-established trend of popular steakhouses.

Some of the more common favorites among the celebrities when it comes to steak are recipes that are available through out the elite Beverly Hills restaurant row, High Roller restaurants of Las Vegas, or great steak houses of New York. Here we will layout the recipes to some of the most expensive, and popular steaks of the celebrity scene.

The best beef...
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